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Zhen-Dong Wang (Jarry Rex)
Zhen-Dong Wang (Jarry Rex), Post Doc

     Zhen-Dong Wang (Jarry Rex), PhD, is an alumnus of the Wisdom & Identity Lab in the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development, OISE, University of Toronto. During 2022-2023, he worked as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow under the supervision of Prof. Michel Ferrari on an experimental project that aims to develop intervention methods for promoting wisdom and a scoping review project for a more comprehensive understanding of the wisdom science. Dr. Wang is a cultural and social psychologist, with a research emphasis on wisdom views, theories of self, and moral behaviors in Chinese cultural contexts. In addition, he also trained as an (Jungian) analytical psychologist, mainly focusing on dream works, individuation process, and sandplay therapy.



Melanie Munroe, PhD

     Melanie Munroe, PhD, is currently a Clinical Research Coordinator at Remedy Institute. She works on clinical drug trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder. Melanie’s research in the Wisdom & Identity Lab focused on how individuals cope with traumatic events and how to improve long-term outcomes and well-being in trauma survivors. Specifically, her dissertation examined the relationship between self-compassion, coping, and meaning, and their contributions to positive psychological change following trauma, otherwise known as posttraumatic growth.


Nic Weststrate, PhD

     Nic M. Weststrate, PhD, is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Developmental Psychology at the University of Klagenfurt in the south of Austria, where he works under the supervision of Dr. Judith Glück on a project that investigates situational obstacles to wisdom in professional contexts (e.g., teaching, management). Dr. Weststrate is a developmental and personality psychologist who studies cultural influences on the development of identity, generativity, ego integrity, and wisdom across the lifespan. His work primarily focuses on positive pathways of development following adverse life experiences. He is particularly interested in developmental processes among members of socially marginalized communities. Dr. Weststrate’s research combines self-report, informant report, performance task, and autobiographical narrative methods.


     Dr. Weststrate is an alumnus of the Wisdom & Identity Lab in the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development, OISE, University of Toronto. Currently, he is leading a project in the Wisdom & Identity Lab, in collaboration with Dr. Michel Ferrari and Dr. Judith Glück, on the social transmission of wisdom from grandparents to grandchildren through intergenerational storytelling. 


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